Since 1994 we have been employing what is now a trend:

The new educational models!

United Kingdom

Forest Schools, an outdoor education model that focuses on experiential learning through activities in forests and other natural environments.


Naturkindergarten, an education approach where children spend most of their time outdoors, focusing on exploring natural elements, interacting with animals and plants in their natural environment.


Skogsmulle, an educational approach that emphasizes environmental education and nature conservation. It is based on the idea that children can learn more about nature by exploring and discovering it themselves.


Friluftsliv, a concept that translates as "outdoor life" and refers to the philosophy and practice of spending time in nature to improve health and well-being.


Shinrin-yoku, a term that translates as "forest bathing" and refers to the practice of spending time in forests to improve mental and physical health and well-being.

Australia and New Zealand

Outdoor education, an educational approach that uses the natural environment as a tool for learning and personal development.